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Message Series:
Living A Generous Life 

Message: PT-1 Generosity Begins With Awareness
Date:  11/6/22   Text: Mark 5 / Romans 12

Message: PT-2 Generosity Means Taking Action
Date:  11/13/22   Text: Matthew 14:13-21

Single Message:
When Fear Reigns 

Most of us spend our lives avoiding things that frighten us.   But sometimes we are set upon by a situation that spins out of our control.   In those times we experience real fear.

What does God's Word have to say about dealing with fear?   Join us as we journey with David through a frightening experience in his life... and learn how to counter fear with faith.

Message: When Fear Reigns
Date:  10/23/22       Text: Psalm 55

Message Series:
Discovering Happiness 

Part 1: Don't Worry, Be Happy?
Date:  Sept 18th, 2022    Text: Psalm 144:15 / Matthew 5

Unfortunately, technical difficulties prevented us from recording this Sunday's message.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Part 3: Happy are the Merciful
Date:  Oct 2, 2022       Text: Matthew 5:7

Part 2: Poor in Spirit = Rich in God
Date:  Sept 25th, 2022       Text: Matthew 5

Single Message:
God's New Thing 

Message: God's New Thing
Date:  Sept 11th, 2022       Text: Isaiah 43:18+

Single Message:
Unexpected Grace

Message: Unexpected Grace
Date:  Sept 4th, 2022       Text: Luke 7:36-50

Single Message:
Our Plans - God's Plans

Message: Our Plans - God's Plans
Date:  Aug 28th, 2022       Text: Jeremiah 29:11+

Message Series:
The Summer of Grace

Message:  Part 1 - God's Grace Is With Us.
Date:   7/10/2022       Text: Exodus 4

Message:  Part 2 - God's Grace Is For Us.
Date:   7/17/2022       Text: Genesis 50:15+

Message:  Part 3 - God's Grace Sustains Us.
Date:   7/24/2022       Text: 2 Corinthians 12

Message:  Part 4 - God's Grace Overcomes Doubt.
Date:   8/01/2022       Text: Genesis 18

Single Message:
Making The Big Connection

Date:   6/26/2022       Text: Romans 4

Message Series:

Galations Pt 1:  Twisting The Good News  
Date:   5/8/2022

Galatians Pt 2:  Putting Jesus in His Place  
Date:   5/15/2022

Galatians Pt 3:  Becoming One People  
Date:   5/29/2022

Galatians Pt 5:  The Battle For Your Heart
Date:   6/12/2022

Galatians Pt 4:  Gaining Focus - Eliminating Distractions
Date:   6/5/2022

Galatians Pt 6:  Don't Grow Weary Of Doing Good
Date:   6/10/2022

Single Message:
Helpful Stones

Sometimes the Journey gets difficult, and it becomes hard to find our footing.   We lose perspective.  When those moments arrive do you 'wistfully reminisce' or 'willfully reflect'?   It makes a difference!

Date:   5/22/2022       Guest Pastor: Ric Ochsner

Easter Message:
Resurrecting Hope

Easter Sunday    4/17/2022

Single Message:
Palm Sunday

All of Jerusalem is celebrating Jesus' arrival.   But almost immediately Jesus causes a stir by overturning tables in the temple courts.   Perhaps this is a clue as to what Jesus is really up to in your life...

 Palm Sunday    4/10/2022

Message Series:
Who Was Jesus?

Who Was Jesus - Pt 1    3/13/2022

Who Was Jesus - Pt 3     3/27/2022

Who Was Jesus - Pt 2     3/20/2022

Who Was Jesus - Pt 4     4/3/2022

Single Message:
A Disciple's Heart

Disciples of Jesus are ordinary people with an extraordinary passion to follow Him.    

 A Disciple's Heart    3/06/2022

Message Series:

One Minute Series Intro

Part 2: God Is Looking Forwards    6/20/2021

Part 1: Name It and Claim It.    6/13/2021

Part 3: Traveling Light    6/27/2021

Single Message:
Got Figs?

God planted us to bear fruit.     1/3/2021