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Galations Pt 1:  Twisting The Good News  
Date:   5/8/2022

Easter Message:
Resurrecting Hope

Easter Sunday    4/17/2022

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Palm Sunday

All of Jerusalem is celebrating Jesus' arrival.   But almost immediately Jesus causes a stir by overturning tables in the temple courts.   Perhaps this is a clue as to what Jesus is really up to in your life...

 Palm Sunday    4/10/2022

Message Series:
Who Was Jesus?

Who Was Jesus - Pt 1    3/13/2022

Who Was Jesus - Pt 3     3/27/2022

Who Was Jesus - Pt 2     3/20/2022

Who Was Jesus - Pt 4     4/3/2022

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A Disciple's Heart

Disciples of Jesus are ordinary people with an extraordinary passion to follow Him.    

 A Disciple's Heart    3/06/2022

Message Series:

One Minute Series Intro

Part 2: God Is Looking Forwards    6/20/2021

Part 1: Name It and Claim It.    6/13/2021

Part 3: Traveling Light    6/27/2021

Single Message:
Got Figs?

God planted us to bear fruit.     1/3/2021